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What Kind of Mom Are You?: Introducing Parent Lifestyles

We are pleased to announce the launch of our the new Parent Lifestyles feature on TotScoop!

We’ve always been of the opinion at TotScoop that there are no “best” baby & kids products — there are only the best products for your family.

With this week’s launch, you’ll now be able to more easily zero in on the products that are the best fit for your lifestyle & personal taste, as well as more easily identify parents most similar to you (whose picks will therefore be more relevant for you).

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Introducing the TotScoop Referral Program

TotScoop referral program

TotScoop is more fun with friends!  A big part of the value that TotScoop brings is surfacing product recommendations and reviews from your friends — since your friends often share similar tastes and lifestyles with you, and can therefore offer a fun and easy way to home in on the best products for your family.

So, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve now made it easier to invite your friends to join you on TotScoop — and are introducing a fun program to reward you for spreading the love as well!

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TotScoop is officially in beta!

Check out newly-launched Trusted advice on the best baby products -- from our editors, your friends, and other parents like you.

We’re thrilled to announce that TotScoop is officially in beta!  If you’re expecting or have a little one under age 5, we’d love to have you join us as a beta tester!

TotScoop is the most trusted source of advice on the best baby products for pregnancy through preschool — from our editors, your friends, and other parents like you.  We make it easy to discover the best products for your family and lifestyle, and to share your own faves and experiences with other parents.

You can sign up at with invite code BETASCOOP.  Since we’re new, the selection of products and reviews on the site is still modest (but is growing every day!).  You can help us to get started by reviewing or adding your top five favorite products (the ones you’d recommend to a close friend about to have about to have a baby)!

We’re sure there are still some kinks left to be worked out.  We welcome your feedback (bug reports, suggestions, etc.) at any time!

See you on TotScoop!

Kate McCarthy
Founder & Chief Mom, TotScoop

Introducing TotScoop

Hello new and expecting parents!  This is the inaugural post for the TotScoop blog, the official blog for (launching soon!).

First, a brief introduction to TotScoop.  TotScoop offers trusted advice on the best baby products for every lifestyle — from experts, your friends, and other parents like you.  The centerpiece of our site is a socially curated collection of product picks, all added by real parents; you can browse these by category or by age, and then read reviews from your Facebook friends and other parents.  We also offer buying guides and other expert content to provide a more authoritative, comprehensive perspective.

What makes us different from other resources and communities for new parents?

  • We are laser-focused on product picks for baby and toddler:  We don’t offer general parenting forums or advice (there are plenty of other sites for that); instead, we focus on providing the best discovery experience for products.  Also, our focus on the baby market specifically allows us to offer a more tailored experience.
  • We feature a unique mix of socially curated and expert content:  Our site is the only one that offers you the best of both worlds — recommendations from your friends and other parents, plus expert advice to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest and greatest.
  • Our picks are unbiased:  Unlike other sites, we don’t just push the products we’re trying to sell, or that will benefit us the most.  Real parents suggest the vast majority of products featured on the site.  Our expert content tells it like it is, and is never influenced by monetary considerations.
  • We feature top picks for different lifestyles and personalized recommendations just for you We’re the only site that recognizes that different families have different needs and priorities.  Whether you’re an urban parent who is space-challenged and loves modern design, or a selective shopper who only buys organic/non-toxic or eco-friendly baby products, we’ve got great picks for you.  We also customize your recommendations based on your child’s age and/or gender.

We know how overwhelming it is to figure out what you really need, and what products will be the best fit for your family — we’ve been there.  When we were newly pregnant, we had no absolutely no idea what we needed, and were totally overwhelmed by all the choices out there.  We collected dozens of spreadsheets of product recommendations from our friends; not only was this a pain, but sadly many of the picks were obsolete or just not good picks for us.  We just knew there had to be a better way — and so we created TotScoop.

Our main site at is launching soon.  Sign up at to request an invite.  We look forward to seeing you on TotScoop soon!