Introducing our “Follow” feature

Now you can “Follow” friends and other parents who share your tastes on TotScoop!

What it means to “Follow” someone:

  • As you browse the site, you’ll see their top picks surfaced for you
  • On product detail pages, you’ll see their reviews floated to the top
  • In your “This Week on TotScoop” email, their recent activity and product recommendations will be highlighted for you

The easiest way to get started with “Following” people is to connect your Facebook account (on your Account Settings page) — this will by default auto-follow all of your friends on TotScoop. (What about that acquaintance from elementary school that you haven’t seen in 20 years, you ask? You can also “Unfollow” anyone at any time. 🙂 )

To find more people to “Follow,” check out our Explore People page. Whether you’re looking for people with similar tastes (e.g. organic/non-toxic products), living in similar locations or settings (e.g. urban), or with kids similar ages/genders to yours, you’re sure to discover some interesting like-minded parents to connect with!

Happy “Follow”-ing!  We’d love to hear your feedback!