Must Haves for the First 3-6 Months: A Curated List from Nancy Held, R.N., IBCLC

Nancy Held knows a thing or two about babies.  She’s an RN (former nursery nurse), IBCLC, and the founder of DayOne Baby in SF — which pretty much makes her an all-around baby expert!

Nancy recently collaborated with us to put together her list of 45+ must haves for baby’s first 3-6 months — from newborn sleep to breastfeeding to developmental toys — on TotScoop.  If you’re expecting or have a new baby in the house, you won’t want to miss her picks!


nancyheldAbout Nancy Held:
I am a Registered Nurse and Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who has worked with pregnant families and new parents for the past 30 years as both an instructor and lactation consultant in a hospital and in private practice. I became passionate about understanding baby products on the market as the buyer and President & Co-Founder of DayOne Baby, a local business in San Francisco that sells pregnancy and baby essentials. I am currently working with a San Francisco startup, Spright, that provides prenatal and parenting education and support through expert led, small discussions in Q&A format. With a 3 year old granddaughter and a new grandson on the way, I love learning and trying out new products and I love Totscoop!