What Kind of Mom Are You?: Introducing Parent Lifestyles

We are pleased to announce the launch of our the new Parent Lifestyles feature on TotScoop!

We’ve always been of the opinion at TotScoop that there are no “best” baby & kids products — there are only the best products for your family.

With this week’s launch, you’ll now be able to more easily zero in on the products that are the best fit for your lifestyle & personal taste, as well as more easily identify parents most similar to you (whose picks will therefore be more relevant for you).

Adding a Lifestyle to your profile

So here’s how it works: the next time you log into TotScoop, you’ll be asked to select one or more of the Parent Lifestyles that best describe you (you can select up to three):

  • Mom on a Budget: The mom (or dad) who wants affordable projects that do the job.  Sample favorite brands might include Target, Fisher-Price, Old Navy, and IKEA.
  • Classic Mom: Wants quality at a non-outrageous price.  Sample brands: Graco, Carter’s, Halo, Melissa & Doug, Pampers
  • Suburban Mom: Willing to pay more for high quality, design, and/or convenience.  Wants to be fully equipped.  Sample brands: UPPAbaby, BOB, Skip Hop, 4Moms, Boden
  • Urban Modernista: Prefers modern/Euro design, and is willing to pay (a lot) more for it.  May live in an urban setting and/or smaller space.  Sample brands: Nuna, Oeuf, Clek, Stokke, Boon, Janod
  • Natural Mom: Prefers natural, eco-friendly, and/or non-toxic products.  May affiliate with babywearing, cloth diapering, and/or (extended) breastfeeding. Sample brands: 7th Generation, Earth Mama Angel Baby, HABA, Kinderpack
Parent lifestyles
The Lifestyle selector will pop up the next time you log in. Or, access it at any time on your Profile page.

Adding a Lifestyle to your profile will allow other parents looking for parents like you to find you.  Later on down the road, it will also help us to start surfacing the most relevant products for you.

Browsing products by Lifestyle

Effective this week, you will also see these little “badges” on product cards, reflecting the Lifestyles for which we think each product will be the best fit.  This will allow you to see at a glance which products we recommend for you.

Example: Toys category. If you’re a “Classic Mom,” for example, you can easily see our top picks for you by looking for the little yellow mom icon.

Finding other parents like you

On our Explore People page, you’ve always been able to browse the members of our community, to discover other parents and see what products have worked best for them.

With this latest feature introduction, you’ll now easily be able to filter by Lifestyle, to more quickly home in on the parents who are the most similar to you — and whose product picks are therefore most likely to resonate with you.


We hope you find our new Parent Lifestyles feature valuable.  Get started today by logging into TotScoop and adding a Parent Segment to your profile!  Then we’d love to hear any feedback as you try it out!