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What Kind of Mom Are You?: Introducing Parent Lifestyles

We are pleased to announce the launch of our the new Parent Lifestyles feature on TotScoop!

We’ve always been of the opinion at TotScoop that there are no “best” baby & kids products — there are only the best products for your family.

With this week’s launch, you’ll now be able to more easily zero in on the products that are the best fit for your lifestyle & personal taste, as well as more easily identify parents most similar to you (whose picks will therefore be more relevant for you).

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Nourishing Mama: A Nutritionist’s Tips For Great Prenatal & Postnatal Nutrition

For the second installment of our new Expert Series, we caught up with Kyla Brown, a certified nutritionist and owner of Healthy Belly nutrition consultancy in San Francisco.  We chatted through topics ranging from healthy eating during pregnancy to postpartum nutrition to shedding baby weight safely.

Q: Let’s start by talking about the pregnancy stage. What are the key concepts of prenatal nutrition that are important for moms-to-be to understand? What does the body need to nourish a growing baby and prepare for delivery?

A: The number-one nutrient that a pregnant mama needs is protein. Women who aren’t pregnant need a minimum of 60g protein each day; pregnant women need 80-100g daily. This is harder to get than most people realize, especially towards the later stages of pregnancy when it’s uncomfortable to eat big meals. Ideally, eat 20-30g per meal of protein from cold-water, wild-caught fish; grass-fed meat and dairy products; pasture-raised chickens and eggs; and beans and other legumes.

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