Best Cloth Diapers

This article contains our top picks for best cloth diapers by subcategory:

FYI: Our editors develop these lists by summarizing favorites from the TotScoop community, synthesizing expert reviews, and researching the latest industry news and releases. Our picks are 100% unbiased — we never accept compensation in exchange for coverage.  That said, we may receive a small percentage commission on any purchases that you make after clicking through links from our site (thanks for your support!).

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Best newborn diaper

Fitted diapers are our top choices for the newborn stage because of superior ability to hold in runny newborn poop and avoid washing a soiled cover as well.

WINNER: Cloth-eez Workhorse Newborn Organic Fitted Diaper

gmd organic nb workhorseMade exclusively for Green Mountain Diapers, the Cloth-eez Workhorse Newborn Organic Fitted Diaper ($5.50) consists of 100% cotton prefold material that has been sewn into a fitted diaper. It features elastic around the legs and a sewn-in, flap-style doubler. This diaper gets fantastic reviews and offers incredible value for the price. Because it’s a fitted, it does require a cover. Available in snap and no closure models; bleached white also available. Fits from birth to 12 lbs.

Runner up: Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper

Kissaluvs organic hemp fitted newbornThe Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper, size 0/newborn (MSRP $16.95) is another good choice for newborns, due to its all-natural materials (55% hemp, 45% organic cotton), umbilical snap-down, and superior fit (it does a great job containing runny poop). Features snap closure and snap-in soaker. If you like the fit but are on a budget or need greater absorbency, Kissaluvs’ newborn-size Cotton Fleece Fitted Diaper (MSRP $13.95-14.95) features a sewn-in microfiber soaker and is more affordably priced. Both models newborns 5-15 pounds and require a cover.

Runner up: bumGenius Newborn All-in-One Cloth Diaper

bumGenius newbornIf you prefer a one-piece diaper, the bumGenius Newborn All-in-One (MSRP $14.95) in our experience offers the best fit for newborns. It has a waterproof outer layer, a stay-dry suedecloth inner layer, and a hidden microfiber soaker. It fits low, below the umbilical cord, and features a hook & loop closure and stretchy tabs. Fits babies 6-12 lbs.

Runner up: Blueberry Newborn Simplex All-in-One Diaper

Swaddlebees NewbornIf you want a one-piece diaper, but prefer to have only natural fibers touch your baby’s skin, the Blueberry Newborn Simplex (formerly known as Swaddlebees) is a fantastic choice. It has a waterproof outer layer, and 100% cotton birdseye fabric inside. It also has a sewn-in insert designed to agitate its way out in the wash and a pocket for customizable absorbency. Great fit. Fits babies 6-16 lbs.

Best AIO diaper

Almost all of the diapers in this section (as well as the next two) contain synthetics in the inner layer and/or soaker — as they provide greater absorbency and/or moisture wicking (stay dry) functionality. If you are looking for a diaper that only has natural fibers on the inside, see Best organic/natural fiber diaper below.

WINNER: bumGenius Freetime All-in-One One-Size Cloth Diaper

bumGenius FreetimeThe bumGenius Freetime (MSRP $19.95) is a one-size all-in-one diaper, featuring a waterproof outer and stay-dry polyester lining (with integrated microfiber terry soaker) topped with two overlapping sewn-in flap inserts (for quicker drying). Adjustable rise snaps; stretchy side tabs. Available in snap or hook & loop closure. Fits babies 8-35 lbs.

Runner up: Blueberry One-Size Simplex All-in-One Diaper

Blueberry One SizeThe Blueberry One-Size Simplex All-in-One (MSRP $25.95) is a great option, especially if you prefer to have only natural fibers touching baby. It features a waterproof outer layer, 100% cotton birdseye inner lining, and a polyester inner soaker pad (which is by default tucked away inside a pocket under the main lining). The soaker pad is backed with microfleece, so you have the option to take it out and flip it over on top of the main lining to keep baby’s bottom dry. The pocket allows for customizable absorbency. Adjustable rise snaps. Fits babies 10-35 lbs.

Best AI2/hybrid diaper

WINNER: Best Bottom One-Size Diapers

Best BottomCreated by the owner of, the Best Bottom AI2 diaper (MSRP $16.95) gets great reviews from parents. The one-size cover features double-layer, wipe-clean PUL; then just snap in your choice of insert (organic hemp/cotton or stay-dry). The snaps hold the insert in place without shifting. Inserts come in three sizes; additional overnight insert also available. The cover has double leg gussets, and is available in snap and hook & loop closure. Fits babies birth to 35+ lbs.

Runner up: Flip Hybrid Diaper System

Flip One SizeFlip is a one-size AI2 “hybrid” system, meaning you can use the waterproof (exposed-laminate PUL) shell with any of three different types of inserts: “stay-dry” polyester, organic cotton trifolds, or disposable. There are flaps at either end of the diaper to hold in the insert. The cover’s fit is excellent; it does a great job holding in leaks, despite the lack of double leg gussets. The disposable inserts are a great option for travel; they are also compostable. The covers run $14.95; reusable inserts $5-12.50 each; and the disposable inserts $0.20-0.40 each. Adjustable snap rise; stretchy tabs. Fits babies 8-35 lbs.

Runner up: GroVia Hybrid Diaper

GroVia HybridGroVia also offers a “hybrid” diaper system, consisting of a one-size waterproof (polyester TPU) shell and three insert options: snap-in soakers (stay-dry or organic cotton, both waterproof-backed); bamboo/cotton prefolds; or disposable “BioSoakers.” The snaps are great for keeping the soakers in place. The covers cost $16.95; the reusable inserts $3-9; and the disposable inserts $0.40. The cover has adjustable rise snaps, and is mesh lined for air circulation. The inserts are contoured and all feature elastic leg gussets (to keep in messes). The disposable ones have sticky tabs on the back (to secure them to your cover); are chlorine-, fragrance-, and dye-free; feature less SAP than the average disposable diaper; and are compostable (except for the elastic). Fits babies 8-30 lbs.

Best pocket diaper

WINNER: bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Stay-Dry Cloth Diaper

bumGenius 4dot0The bumGenius 4.0 (MSRP $17.95) is a one-size pocket diaper that receives rave reviews from parents. It has a waterproof (PUL) outer; sueded, moisture-wicking inner layer; and inner pocket. The slot opening is wide for easy stuffing, and covered to keep inserts in place. It comes with two microfiber inserts: newborn and adjustable one-size. Adjustable snap rise; stretchy side tabs. Available in snap or hook & loop closure. Fits babies 7-35+ lbs.

Runner up: Rumparooz G2 One-Size Diaper

Rumparooz One Size PocketThe Rumparooz G2 One-Size Diaper (MSRP $23.95) gets great reviews from parents. It consists of a waterproof (TPU) shell and integrated, very soft microchamois (polyester) lining, a pocket for adjustable absorbency, and an included microfiber insert. Its unique dual inner gussets are designed to avoid leaks and keep in messes. Available in snap and Aplix closure. Fits babies 6-35+ lbs.


Runner up: Fuzzibunz One-Size Adjustable Pocket Diaper

Fuzzibunz One SizeThe one-size Fuzzibunz One-Size Elite (MSRP $19.95) pocket diaper is another bestseller. It features a waterproof (PUL) outer layer, moisture-wicking polyester microfleece inner layer, and stuffable pocket. Instead of rise snaps, it adjusts to fit babies of different sizes via hidden buttonhole elastic at the waist and legs (they adjust independently, resulting in exceptional adjustability). Comes with two micro-terry inserts: newborn and medium-large. Fits babies 7-35 lbs. If you prefer a sized pocket diaper (for trimmer fit or a hard-to-fit baby), Fuzzibunz also makes the Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper ($14.95-15.95, including one insert).

Best organic/natural-fiber AIO/AI2/pocket diaper

Here are our top recommendations if you prefer only natural fibers in your baby’s diaper.  Also see our AI2 recommendations above: the Best Bottom and Flip systems both have all-natural-fiber insert options.

WINNER: bumGenius Elemental

BumGenius ElementalThe bumGenius Elemental (MSRP $24.95) is bumGenius’s long-awaited organic, all-natural fiber diaper. It consists of a waterproof (PUL) outer layer, 100% organic cotton inner (a main layer, plus two booster flaps sewn-in on top). As compared to bumGenius’s Freetime and 4.0 diapers, the Elemental offers a trimmer fit, and some parents report that it fits better on infants. Adjustable rise snaps; stretchy side tabs; snap closure. Fits babies 7-35 lbs.

Runner up: GroVia One-Size All-In-One Cloth Diaper

GroVia AIOThe GroVia One-Size All-In-One (MSRP $23.95) is one of the other few all-natural-fiber one-piece diapers on the market . It has a waterproof (polyester TPU) exterior and 100% organic cotton interior, and offers a trim fit. Optional snap-in soaker; stretchy side wings; side snaps. Fits babies 10-35+ lbs.

Best fitted diaper

WINNER: Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper

Kissaluvs Organic Cotton HempThe Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper (MSRP $18.95) is made of all-natural fibers (55% help, 45% organic cotton). The hemp provides excellent absorbency. Comes with an extra snap-in soaker. Snap closure. If you don’t feel strongly about all-natural fibers, you can save a few bucks with the Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted Diaper (MSRP $14.95-15.95; 90% cotton sherpa/10% polyester, with hidden microfiber soaker). Both are available in two sizes: 0/newborn (5-15 lbs.) and M/L (15-40 lbs.). As fitteds, both require a diaper cover.

Runner up: Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper

Mother-Ease One-Size FittedThe Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper (MSRP $12.95-15.75) is a nice choice, especially for older babies. It is available in a wide range of fabrics, including cotton/poly terry, bamboo terry, stay dry polyester, and 100% organic cotton terry. The front folds down for use with younger babies, but the fit is best on older babies. These are cut generously and are somewhat bulky under clothing. Snap-in liners (sold separately) are available for additional absorbency. Fits babies 8-35 lbs. Mother-Ease also makes the sized Sandy’s Diaper (MSRP $12.75-16), available in small (8-20 lbs.) and large (20-35 lbs.) Both diapers require a cover.

Runner up: Cloth-eez Workhorse Organic Fitted Diaper

GMD workhorse organicMade exclusively for Green Mountain Diapers, Cloth-eez Workhorse Organic Fitteds ($5.50-11.25, depending on size) perform great and offer excellent value. These are made of 100% cotton prefold fabric, sewn into a fitted diaper; they have leg elastics and a sewn-in, flap-style doubler. Available in snap or no closure; also available in bleached (white) cotton. Available in five sizes, spanning birth to 38 lbs. Requires a cover.

Best prefold

WINNER: Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers

GMD prefoldsMade exclusively for Green Mountain Diapers, Cloth-eez Prefolds ($25-49 per dozen) are top quality, 100% Indian cotton twill prefolds that are a proven parent favorite. These are proportioned differently from most prefolds — fitting much better into most diaper covers. They are available in seven sizes (from preemie to 40 lbs.), and come in white, unbleached, and organic. Also available sewn into a fitted version (see above).

Runner up: OsoCozy 6 Pack Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers

OsoCozy prefoldsOsoCozy prefolds ($16.50-43 per dozen), made of 100% unbleached Indian cotton, also get strong reviews from parents. The proportions are typical of the average prefold; most sizes measure narrower but longer than the Cloth-eez.

Best waterproof cover

 WINNER: Thirsties Duo Wrap

Thirsties Duo coverThe Thirsties Duo Wrap (MSRP $13.25) is our top recommended diaper cover. It features an exposed PUL interior, double leg gussets, adjustable rise snaps, and snap or Aplix closure, and is available in two sizes (6-18 lbs., 18-40 lbs.). It offers a trim fit and works well over unfastened prefolds. If you prefer a sized diaper cover (for less bulk), the original Thirsties Diaper Cover (MSRP $12) is a simple wrap-style cover with exposed laminate, deep leg gussets, and hook & look closure. The cut is lower and roomier than the Duo’s. Available in four sizes, from 6 to 40 lbs.

Runner up: Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

Bummis Super Whisper WrapThe Bummis Super line of diaper covers is also very popular. These workhorse covers feature waterproof laminate layer sandwiched between two layers of polyester — this provides added durability, and keeps waterproof fabric from touching baby’s skin. They are available in five sizes (from 7 to 40+ lbs.). The Super Whisper Wrap (MSRP $11.75-12.95) has a hook & loop closure, while the Super Snap (MSRP $12.95) has snaps.

Runner up: Nikky Breathable Diaper Covers

nikki-waterproof-coverIf your baby has sensitive skin and you need a more breathable but still waterproof diaper cover, Nikky produces some of the best options around. Nikky’s Breathable Poly Diaper Cover (MSRP $15.95) is made from polyester coated with a non-toxic, breathable waterproof coating similar to Gore-Tex, while its All Cotton Breathable Diaper Cover (MSRP $18.95) is similar, but with cotton as the underlying fabric. The tradeoff for the extra breathability is that extra care is required (wash warm, dry low), and they are slightly less durable. Double leg gussets; hook & loop closure only.

Best wool cover

WINNER: Disana Organic Merino Wool Cover

Disana wool coverThe pull-on, double-layer knit Disana Organic Merino Wool Cover (MSRP $22.99-26.99) is worshipped by cloth diapering parents for its bulletproof effectiveness and reasonable price. It’s a bit bulky under clothing, but perfect for around the house or overnight. They run small, so definitely size up. Disana also makes very popular Merino Wool Leggings ($32.95-36.95), which can be used as an all-in-one diaper cover and pants.

Runner up: Lanacare Diaper Cover

Lanacare wool coverThe Lanacare Diaper Cover (MSRP $46.50-52.50) has perhaps the softest, most gorgeous organic merino wool we’ve seen in any diaper cover. It is pre-felted, for maximum absorption, and the waist is adjustable for longevity. Lanacare also makes a night weight version with an additional layer of wool.

Runner up: Woollybottoms

Woollybottoms hybrid soakerWoollybottoms is a great small business that produces super cute and very reasonably priced wool products, including organic interlock soakers ($36), hybrid soakers (with bodies made of recycled wool, $25), longies ($27), and footies ($29). All products are handmade in the USA.

Runner up: Sustainablebabyish

Sbish wool soakerSustainablebabyish, a.k.a. “Sbish,” produces a wide range of premium wool products, including interlock soakers ($42) and thick machine-knit soakers ($48), shorties ($58), and longies ($65). These are in high demand and stockings often sell out quickly.