Best Jogging Strollers

Here are TotScoop’s picks for best jogging strollers by subcategory:

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For more on whether a jogging stroller is right for you, and what to look for when buying a stroller, see our Buying guide: Strollers.

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Best general/road joggers


BOB IronmanIf you are a runner looking to log serious miles on paved roads, accept no substitute for the BOB Ironman (MSRP $420, Amazon $336). It is lightest BOB (23 lbs.), and is optimized for road running with 16″ aluminum wheels, pneumatic 1.5″ semi-click tires, a fixed front wheel, and a caliper-type hand brake. For the same reasons, it’s a bit trickier to maneuver around town, but it should be no problem to lift it to turn with your big buff muscles, right? 25″ wide.

Runner up: Baby Jogger F.I.T. Jogger

Baby Jogger FITIf you’re not looking to log serious miles and/or are on a budget, but still want a dedicated jogger, the Baby Jogger F.I.T. (“For Intermediate Training”; MSRP $300, Amazon $235), could be a good option. It also has a large, fixed front wheel and hand caliper brakes, and as compared to the BOB Ironman also offers a bigger seat, a one-hand fold, and a washable seat cover. However it’s simply not as easy to push over long distances. 25 lbs., 25.5″ wide.

Runner up: BOB Revolution SE

BOB Revolution SEIf you are looking for a versatile stroller that can be used for jogging and for walking around town, the BOB Revolution SE (MSRP $449, Amazon $322) is a great choice. It’s not as fast and light as the BOB Ironman, but the convertible front swivel wheel will treat you right on walks around town. It gets rave reviews from parents for its maneuverability, ease of pushing, and maneuverability. 25 lbs., 25.5″ wide.

Best all-terrain joggers

WINNER: BOB Sport Utility Stroller

BOB Sport UtilityIf you are looking for a stroller that you will primarily use for off-road hiking or jogging, say hello to the BOB Sport Utility Stroller (MSRP $379, Amazon $312). It has a 16-inch front wheel, and wider (2″) knobby tires vs. other BOB models. It has a state-of-the-art suspension system and a fixed front wheel, making it great for bumpy trails, but less convenient for the city. 26 lbs.

Runner up: BOB Revolution SE

BOB Revolution SEThe Revolution SE (MSRP $449, Amazon $322), BOB’s most versatile stroller, is a great choice if you want a jogger that can be used both on and off-road — as well as around town. It has a smaller (12.5″) and narrower (1.75″) tires than the Sport Utility Stroller, and the front wheel is convertible to a swivel wheel, for improved maneuverability around town . The Revolution SE gets rave reviews for ease of pushing, maneuverability, and child comfort. 25 lbs., 25.5″ wide.

Runner up: Baby Jogger Summit X3

Summit X3Another versatile option is out Baby Jogger’s Summit X3 (MSRP $430), which can be used for on and off-road jogging, as well as around town. It has a locking front 12″ swivel wheel, 16″ rear wheels, a hand switch that allows you to easily switch between jogging and strolling, all-wheel suspension, and hand-operated rear drum brakes. It weighs 28 lbs. and is 25″ wide.

Best cheap jogging strollers

WINNER: Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel Jogger

Schwinn TurismoThe Schwinn Turismo is our top pick in the budget jogger category (MSRP $240, Amazon $190). It has a 12-inch, locking front swivel wheel and wide tread tires. It gets strong reviews from consumers for its maneuverability and adjustable handlebar. It has shock absorbers, but they reportedly do not make much of a difference. 25 lbs.

Runner up: Baby Trend Expedition LX

Baby Trend Expedition LXThe Baby Trend Expedition LX delivers excellent performance for the price (MSRP $160, Amazon $147). It is NOT the right choice for a serious runner, but can handle occasional short runs on paved surfaces, and certainly plenty of trips around town. The Expedition LX wins strong reviews from parents for its maneuverability and smooth ride. It has a convertible front wheel, with which some parents report wobbling issues. It does not have any shock absorbers, and the seat must be fully reclined in order to fold the stroller. Fairly narrow (22″ wide) for a jogging stroller, but on the heavy side (27 lbs.).

Runner up: Jeep Overland Limited

Jeep Overland LimitedThe Jeep Overland Limited (MSRP $220) is a fixed-wheel jogger with three 16″ air-filled tires that comes with a number of convenience features, including speakers for an MP3 player, an adjustable handle, and baby and parent trays with cup holders. It is not the best choice for distance running, as it lacks suspension and some consumers report that can become tiresome to push, but it performs admirably for short casual runs and power walking.

Runner up: Joovy Zoom 360

Joovy Zoom 360The Joovy Zoom 360 (MSRP $270, Amazon $250) features an adjustable front swivel wheel, large canopy, rear suspension, a large storage basket, and a large seat (accommodates kids up to 75 lbs.). Although the front wheel can be “tightened down” for running at faster speeds or off-road, doing so requires removal of the footrest and usage of tools, so it’s not easy to do on the fly. Reviewers praise the Zoom 360 for its maneuverability, ease of fold, comfort, and durability, but note that it feels heavy/bulky. 27 lbs., 25″ wide.