Best Umbrella Strollers

Here are TotScoop’s picks for best umbrella strollers by subcategory:

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For more on whether an umbrella stroller is right for you, and what to look for when buying a stroller, see our Buying guide: Strollers.

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Best luxury/full-featured umbrella strollers (14-18 lbs.)

Feature-rich but relatively heavy, strollers in this category typically serve as replacements for full-featured strollers. If you just want to buy one stroller and/or you live in a dense urban area, one of these might be the right choice for you.

WINNER: Maclaren Quest

Maclaren QuestMaclaren is the king of full-featured umbrella strollers, with a range of options including the Maclaren Quest (14 lbs., MSRP $270), Techno XT (16 lbs., $395), and Techno XLR (17 lbs., $350). Obviously these are not cheap — but they’re very full-featured, potentially a great choice for parents looking for a full-featured umbrella stroller as their primary stroller. Unlike most umbrella strollers, they are newborn-friendly, with near-flat recline (suitable from birth) and protective head and foot barriers that create a sort of cocoon for your baby. They also feature plush materials and an easy fold. Sadly, Maclarens do not have a very large sun canopy, nor are they carseat compatible.

Runner up: Bumbleride Flite

Bumbleride FliteThe Flite (MSRP $270), the lightest weight stroller in Bumbleride’s lineup, offers a great set of features in a very stylish package. It weighs in at 14 lbs., and features a very sturdy frame, a reclining seat, dual suspension, a good-size (if a bit stiff) canopy (for an umbrella stroller), and a compact two-hand fold. It is also somewhat unique for an umbrella stroller in that it can accommodate a carseat and comes with a carseat adapter included.  The biggest drawback, besides the price, is the small storage basket. Suitable from 3 months.

Runner up: Inglesina Trip

Inglesina TripThe big sister to the Swift, the Inglesina Trip (MSRP $199) is a bit plusher but heavier (15 lbs.), and earns strong reviews from parents. It features four-position recline, rear suspension, and a large (for an umbrella stroller) adjustable sunshade. It also comes with a rain cover, cup holder, and bumper bar. Suitable from 3 months.

Runner up: Baby Jogger Vue Stroller

Baby Jogger VueThe Vue (MSRP $200) is a new release from Baby Jogger, but initial reviews have been very positive. It is somewhat unique amongst umbrella strollers in two ways: (1) it has a reversible seat, and (2) it can accommodate a car seat (with adapter).  It offers multiple recline positions (in both directions), lays nearly flat, and can be used with a newborn with optional bassinet accessory.  It also has a great sun canopy.  On the downside, it’s quite heavy at 18 lbs., and also has a very small storage basket.

Best lightweight umbrella strollers (under 14 lbs.)

Umbrella strollers in this class are moderately lightweight, and tend to recline.


UPPAbaby G-LuxeThe gorgeous UPPAbaby G-Luxe (MSRP $260-280) is the lightest weight (15 lbs. including canopy and basket; lighter without) umbrella stroller that reclines. Parents simply rave about it. It features a plush (and machine washable) padded seat, adjustable footrest, large extendable sunshade, 3-position recline (fairly deep), and lockable front wheels, and stands when folded. The trade-off for the light weight is that it does not feel as sturdy as some other lightweight strollers.

Runner up: Maclaren Triumph

Maclaren TriumphMaclaren offers several lightweight umbrella strollers, including the popular Triumph (14 lbs. excluding canopy, MSRP $185, Amazon $175) and newer Globetrotter (11 lbs. excluding canopy, $165). Both feature reclining seats and very modest sunshades, and are suitable from 6 months.

Runner up: Joovy Groove Ultralight

Joovy Groove UltralightThe Joovy Groove Ultralight (MSRP $190) gets strong reviews for ease of pushing, maneuverability, large basket (for an umbrella stroller), generous sun canopy, built-in parent organizer, and infinite recline (to near-flat). Can be used from 3 mo. 13 lbs; 21″ wide.

Runner up: Peg Perego Pliko Mini

Peg Perego Pliko MiniThe Peg Perego Pliko Mini (MSRP $250) the lightest member of the Pliko family, has one of the slimmest profiles around (both folded and unfolded) and is highly rated by parents. It features a generous recline, easy one-hand compact fold, locking front swivel wheels, suspension, adjustable handles, and a large (for an umbrella stroller) canopy, and stands when folded. 13 lbs.

Best ultra lightweight umbrella strollers (under 10 lbs.)

These strollers are the lightest of the light – made for fast travel and tight urban spots (think NYC subway) – but are correspondingly no-frills on features. They do not recline.


UPPAbaby G-LiteThe UPPAbaby G-Lite (MSRP $160-180, Amazon $156), the little sister to the G-Luxe, is our top pick, winning very strong reviews from parents. It weighs in at 11 lbs. with canopy (9 lbs. without). It has the same easy fold, machine washable seat pad, and huge sunshade as the G-Luxe, but has a less cushy seat, smaller wheels, no recline, and no adjustable footrest.  The new 2015 version has a newly redesigned 100% mesh seatback for greater air circulation in hot weather.

Runner up: Maclaren Volo

Maclaren VoloMaclaren’s lightest strollers are the Volo (9 lbs., MSRP $150, Amazon $130) and Mark II (7 lbs. excluding canopy, $195). The Volo is no-frills, but is a favorite ultra-lightweight option for people taking public transportation. Neither reclines or takes a carseat adapter, so they are suitable from 6mo. Note Maclaren’s sunshades are much more modest than UPPAbaby’s.

Best umbrella strollers for newborns

These strollers recline fully and thus can be used with newborns (without a carseat).

WINNER: Chicco Liteway

Chicco LitewayThe Chicco Liteway (MSRP $140), with its full-recline seat and hide-away footmuff, is our top pick for an umbrella strollers that is suitable from birth. It has rear-wheel suspension, lockable front wheels, and a decent-sized basket for an umbrella stroller. Drawbacks include a modest sunshade (including a transparent, uncovered viewing window), fairly heavy weight (17 lbs.), and a semi-bulky fold. See also the Liteway Plus, which folds down to accommodate a Chicco carseat.

Runner up: Maclaren Quest

Maclaren QuestMaclaren’s line of full-featured umbrella strollers, including the Quest (14lbs., MSRP $270), is pricey, but offers a near-flat recline that is suitable from birth as well as protective head and foot barriers that create a sort of cocoon for your baby. The Techno XT (16 lbs., $350) and Techno XLR (17lbs., $395) are slightly heavier and more featureful. Unfortunately, Maclarens do not have a very large sun canopy, nor are they carseat compatible. If you are seriously considering getting a full-featured umbrella stroller as your primary stroller, this could be a good option to buy from birth.

Best cheap/travel umbrella strollers

Looking for a stroller for occasional use or travel? These are the most durable and featureful that you find for your money.

WINNER: First Years Ignite

First Years IgniteThe First Years Ignite is our top pick — providing good performance at a very reasonable price (MSRP $75, Amazon $60) and weight (14 lbs.). Owners report that the Ignite is maneuverable and easy to fold, and it offers a fair number of features for the price (e.g. modest seat recline, front-wheel swivel locks). Drawbacks include a very small canopy and a difficult-to-access storage basket; it’s also fairly easy to tip, and may not be a good choice for shorter parents, due to its tall handles.

Runner up: First Years Jet

First Years JetThe First Years Jet is even cheaper (MSRP $55, Amazon $50) and lighter (11 lbs.) than the Ignite. Like the Ignite, it’s also simple to fold and has tall handles, however it does feel flimsier as compared to the Jet, the seat only reclines a few inches, and the front wheels do not lock. The sunshade is smaller, but can (unlike the Ignite) be rotated downward. Still, the Jet is unbeatable value if you are looking for a beater that you can take with you on flights or to an amusement park.

Runner up: Chicco Capri (Ct0.6)

Chicco Capri C6At 11 pounds and with a very compact fold, the Chicco Capri (a.k.a. Ct0.6; MSRP $80) is a great option for a travel/airport stroller. It’s also great-looking — refreshing for a stroller in this category. It offers a limited (2-position) recline and has front-wheel suspension, but has a very small sunshade and a small, inaccessible basket. Many taller parents report needing to hunch over and kicking the tires on this one, so try it out in person first.

Runner up: Inglesina Swift

Inglesina SwiftThe Inglesina Swift (MSRP $139) looks nice, is lightweight (13 lbs. with canopy), has a generous recline and sun canopy (for an umbrella stroller), and is a potential good option for tall parents. However many parents find the seat unacceptably shallow, so it may be best suited to shorter jaunts. Suitable from three months.