Introducing the TotScoop Referral Program

TotScoop referral program

TotScoop is more fun with friends!  A big part of the value that TotScoop brings is surfacing product recommendations and reviews from your friends — since your friends often share similar tastes and lifestyles with you, and can therefore offer a fun and easy way to home in on the best products for your family.

So, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve now made it easier to invite your friends to join you on TotScoop — and are introducing a fun program to reward you for spreading the love as well!

Here’s how it works:

How it works

  1. Invite friends using the “Invite friends” feature within TotScoop.  (You can find it on your “Your friends” page, or in your user ID dropdown in the upper righthand corner of every page — see screenshot below.  Or, just click this link — just make sure you are logged in first.)  It will allow you to send your friends an email invite, share via Facebook or Twitter, or give you a personal invite link that you can copy and paste anywhere.  All of these methods include a personal referral code that will help us to track your referrals.
    Where to find Invite Friends
    Find the “Invite friends” feature in the user dropdown, or on your Friends tab
  2. Your friend joins TotScoop and activates their account by reviewing or adding a few products.  (You’ll get an email notification when they join.)
  3. You get rewarded!  You are eligible for a small thank-you gift from us from your very first referral.  The more people you refer, the bigger your gift!  Just email us at [email protected] when you’re ready to claim it!
  4. (Last, but certainly not least!)  You’re now connected with friends on TotScoop so you can swap product favorites and tips!

Your thank-you gift

You can choose when you want to redeem your thank-you gift: you’re eligible to receive a small gift from your very first referral…or you can save up multiple referrals to receive something bigger!  For a single referral, you can expect to receive something along the lines of a board/paperback book, a small toy, or feeding gadget (with retail value in the ~$4-6 range).  For multiple referrals, you can expect a gift commensurate with the amount of love you have shared!

When you’re ready to claim your reward, just email [email protected] with your username and mailing address.  Our Chief Mom (that’s me!) will hand pick a fun SURPRISE gift(s) for you and/or your little one, based on the number of people you have referred and your child’s age/stage of development.  All of the rewards we send are TotScoop parent favorites that have received only the highest ratings.  We’ll also do our best to personalize your reward — to make sure it’s something both you and your child will love.  For example, if you have a 6-month-old and your profile says you love organic products, we might send you an organic teething toy.  We’ll also look at your Have List and Wish List for inspiration — we won’t send you anything that you already have…and you might even find yourself receiving something straight from your Wish List!

Sample rewards
Examples of rewards that you might receive for a single referral

So what are you waiting for?!

It’s easy to refer friends to TotScoop.  The best part, of course, is that once your friends are on TotScoop, it’s easy for you to share your favorite products and tips with them.  But it certainly doesn’t hurt to get rewarded for sharing the love either, right?

So what are you waiting for?  Get started with inviting your friends now!

We look forward to welcoming your friends to TotScoop, and continuing to make it easier for you to connect and share favorites with them!

Kate McCarthy
Founder & Chief Mom, TotScoop


The fine print: TotScoop Referral Program Terms & Conditions

I. Term:

The TotScoop Referral Program will go live as of March 13, 2016.  We reserve the right to terminate this program at any time.  If and when we decide to terminate the program, we will update this blog post, and will also send an email notification to all users with outstanding referrals so that they will be able to claim their gift for all referrals made to date.

II. Referral credit qualifications and fraud:

In order to count toward referral credits for a referring user, referred users must meet the following qualifications:

  • They must be new users to TotScoop (they cannot have previously been registered, and/or have multiple accounts)
  • They must be “activated” users (e.g. they must have reviewed or added some products; they can’t simply create an account and then log out)
  • They must be legitimate members of TotScoop’s target audience (i.e. parents, expecting parents, or others with little ones in their lives)
  • They must register with legitimate email addresses

TotScoop reserves the right to withhold rewards for any referrals which it believes to be illegitimate and/or fraudulent, as assessed and determined at the sole discretion of TotScoop. For users found to be in violation of these terms, TotScoop reserves the right to terminate those users’ referral program privileges, close said users’ TotScoop accounts, and/or ban said users from the TotScoop platform going forward.

III. Rewards:

The reward examples above are only examples — you may receive something different. However, the rewards that we send will always meet or exceed the minimum retail values outlined above, and we will always make a best effort to choose something that we think you and your child will love. 🙂

In order to claim your reward (once you have received an email confirming that someone you referred has activated their account, you must email [email protected].  You must include your TotScoop username and mailing address.  (Your mailing address will not be used for any purpose other than to send you your gift.)  Any rewards that are not claimed within six months will be forfeited.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us at [email protected].