Scoopworthy 1/14/16

Scoopworthy 1-14-16

Here are our picks for the latest great new baby products to come onto the scene since our last edition…

1. Oh Joy! Nursery for Target

Oh Joy! nursery collection for Target

The newest Oh Joy! for Target collection is here!  It includes 26 items for the nursery, ranging from bedding to swaddles to changing pad covers to diaper bags.  If it’s anything like Oh Joy!’s last collection for Target, this will sell out quickly, so check it out tout de suite.  It’s available now online and in select Target stores.

2. Honest overnight diapers

Honest overnight diapers

The Honest Company recently added new overnight diapers to its product line.  Available in sizes 3-6 in a cute “Sleepy sheep” pattern, they are supposed to be 20% more absorbent than normal Honest diapers.  Like the main line of diapers, they have plant-based inner and outer layers; utilize fluff pulp in the absorbent core to reduce the amount of SAP gel used; and contain no chlorine, fragrances, lotions, or latex.  Available at and select retailers including Target (both online at and in selected stores).

3. Everlane “Mini Collection”

Everlane mini collection

Everlane, the “Warby Parker” of luxury clothing, has just come out with its first kids’ collection.  It consists of 11 unisex styles; features “no sparkles, sequins, or superheroes”; and comes in sizes 2 through 5.  Prices look fairly reasonable (e.g. t-shirts $12-28, sweatshirts $30-38, cashmere sweater $68), especially for high-quality items that could potentially last through several kids.  Available at


4. Hanna Andersson Maternity

Hanna Andersson Maternity

Favorite kids’ clothier Hanna Andersson, which recently expanded into bedding, has now also released a maternity clothing line.  We haven’t had the pleasure of sampling any of these pieces yet, but if the quality and materials (e.g. high-quality cotton that washes really well, Oeko Tex-certified fabrics) are anything like their kids’ clothing, these pieces are going to run circles around their competitors in the (ugh) disposable maternity clothing market.