The Ultimate New Baby Checklist

Ultimate new baby checklist_graphic

What perfect topic to kick off our new blog than exploring everything you need for a new baby?

This will be the first post in our Checklist series.  Today we’ll focus on everything you need for a new baby, from birth to six months.  Our focus today will be on figuring out what kind of stuff you need; later down the road we’ll devote other posts to highlighting our favorite brands and products.

We think this is the best newborn/new baby checklist out there (if we do say so ourselves 🙂 ) — not only is it comprehensive (including pretty much everything you might need in the first six months), but it also separates the must haves from the nice to haves, and also lets you know exactly when each item is needed (so you can spread your purchases out over time if you if you like).

Of course, the flip side of being super comprehensive is that it’s rather long and possibly a bit overwhelming!  Sorry about that, but well, you might as well get the reality check now. 🙂  For those minimalists out there (we can already hear those first-timer reactions: “How could one tiny baby possibly require TEN PAGES of stuff?! No way this baby is going to take over my house”) — we’ve noted the bare essentials that you absolutely have to get. (Oh, and godspeed. We really do wish you the best of luck not filling your house with impulse purchases made on Amazon at 2am. 😉 )

Without further ado, here is the full, downloadable & printable version of our checklist:

Let us know what we forgot in the comments!